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What is Bergen Izle APK

Watch Bergen (2022), watch Bergen full, Bergen is here with you in 1080p full HD image quality. It tells the story of love that stretches into eternity.

Belgin was born in 1959 in Mersin as the youngest child of a family of seven children. The divorce of her parents radically changes her life. While living in Ankara, she has no one but her mother, and her father's absence creates a deep void in her. On the other hand, her hope for the future, which was multiplied by her success in entering the conservatory, is damaged by her separation from her first love, Abdullah. But his greatest strength is his talent. He turns into a shining young star, Bergen, when he is discovered in Ankara's prestigious venue Feyman Club.

However, due to the contracts made under the conditions of the time, Bergen goes to Adana with his mother to work for a while. She has to change her stage and music style in the music hall she works in Adana. She finds herself in a manipulative series of events when she meets Halis Özgür, whom she will later marry. Contrary to her dreams, her marriage to Halis Özgür cuts Bergen away from life. In violent days he is completely alone. Bergen, who was attacked by Halis Özgür at the best part of his career, lost one of his eyes. When Bergen returns to the stage despite the tragedy she has experienced, she becomes a famous singer throughout Turkey with her extraordinary singing. Halis's tense relationship with threats, harassment, and violence continue with ebb and flow. Bergen always lives in fear. In the end, she is attacked by gunfire on a journey that she thinks has definitely gotten rid of Halis Özgür. Bergen lost his life in this attack, in which his mother was seriously injured. When Bergen, who was only 30 years old, died, she was engraved in people's hearts as both a victim and the queen of arabesque.

Watch Bergen is a Turkish movie starring Farah Zeynep Abdullah, which will be released on March 4, 2022. The poster caught everyone's attention.

Bergen Subject; It focuses on the life of that magnificent woman we all know as the woman of pain. Those who know her story know that the artist, who is known to be tortured by her husband with acid thrown on her face, is not easy at all. Especially nowadays, it is known that violence against women is common, and the film draws attention at this point. We predict that the movie will break box office records, the success of our lead actor is also admirable. Watch Released Movies.