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1.238 for Android
Updated On:
Jun 11, 2021
Required Android:
4.2 or later

About Взломанная Granny's house - Multiplayer escapes

This game is a real collective escape, in which a whole bunch of different people will take part, a man will also play for a grandmother, which will add complexity to the game.


It's time to enjoy a real group escape, this time you were not locked in the house of an evil grandmother, there are 5 other children with you who also want to escape.

You’ll have some time while your grandmother is sleeping.

But soon the grandmother will wake up and open the hunt for all the children that did not listen to her.

Playing as a grandmother you have to catch small villains and put them in a specially prepared prison.

They can’t get out of it themselves.

However, any of the children who are not yet in prison can help them.

As soon as the grandmother catches all the children she will win, but if the children collect all the parts and details, and also turn off the generators, they will be able to escape, and then the grandmother will lose.

Game Features

Simple gameplay and many exciting moments.

You will perform a specific task, which depends on who you play.

Catch the children playing as grandmother and do not forget to use special search abilities.

Or you can become a child who wants to run away, then just throw stones to slow down the grandmother.

For each victory you will receive gold, which you can spend on changing the appearance of your hero and stand out among hundreds of other players.

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