Download My Cute Roommate Apk 2021

1.6.1 for Android
Updated On:
May 28, 2020
Required Android:
2.2 or later

Erotic game for users 18.

In it you have to learn all the benefits of a student's depraved life.

Game Description

The main character, who is a handsome guy who is unlucky with girls, has finally graduated from high school.

Now he is ready to go to university to get acquainted with such an alluring adult life.

To study at the university, he must move to his cousin, who lives in a metropolis.

He did not see her from childhood, and at that time she was quite full and ugly.

But over so many years, everything has changed dramatically, so a young student will have a bright student life with a sea of ​​drive and, of course, debauchery.

You must be strong enough to attract a roommate.

Show courage and zeal in yourself, to force her to have sex with you.

At first, the situation seems awkward, but as soon as you and your neighbor find out about your mutual feelings, your life will be like a sweet dream.

You will not have any basic tasks in this game.

Rather, you just have to live the life of an ordinary student, but at the same time become a real macho for your cousin and her friends.

Very high-quality graphics will help you travel to this unusual world of adult life, but the most intimate details will be closed, because the plot is still the main one here.

Google Play Additional Information for App:

Age Restrictions:
18+ (Erotica)
Cache Setting:
No Required
Online Mode:

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