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3.6.8 for Android
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Jun 05, 2021
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Of the many parts of this game, the Sonic Mania application can be distinguished, which is a wonderful combination of a runner and a two-dimensional platform game.

Given the developers ’repeated failed attempts to transfer Sonic into a three-dimensional world, it was customary to return to 2D graphics, which fans of this character loved so much.

Game Description

Although over the past few years, Sega has released many versions of Sonic games that have run around the three-dimensional world, almost none of them have been successful.

Therefore, the Sonic Mania application can be considered one of the best projects in the last decade.

The project provides for two-dimensional graphics, which fans have been fond of since the time when the Sonic games were only prefixes.

The game provides bright graphics and excellent drawing of a blue hedgehog.

He, as before, will have to run through the levels, and sometimes press buttons, ride mechanisms, jump on trampolines and destroy numerous enemies.

A battle with a strong boss is also provided for at each level.

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In the new adventure, Sonic will run with his friend Knuckles, who again becomes his faithful friend and assistant.

Friends will have to go through many tests to prevent the villains from realizing cunning and cunning plans.

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