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1.0.20 for Android
Updated On:
Jun 28, 2020
Required Android:
4.0 or later


This is one of those space strategies where the approach to capturing and understanding military operations as a whole is very important, because you have to capture planets based on many different factors.


Become a true leader of your space empire, your task is very simple, you need to expand the borders of your empire, only other factions want to do the same and will interfere with your capture path.

Difficult game mechanics, which relies on randomness, as well as good tactical thinking.

Your starting planet will give you a few ships that are needed to wage war and capture other planets. To capture a planet, just send a ship there and start the assault.

Local residents, of course, will resist and here comes into play randomly, because whoever throws the number the least die and so on until the last survivor.

Game Features

The complex structure of the game will be very difficult to master, and when you know every aspect of it, it will become incredibly exciting.

The galaxy itself contains a bunch of planets, the path to each planet is not easy.

It can only lie through certain areas, which means it will not be able to capture everything at once.

Think over your every action and go through an exciting company of hundreds of missions or challenge real players in an online battle and fight for the right to be the best.

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