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Oct 09, 2021
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About Swords of Legends Online APK

A breathtaking fantasy world and a unique storyline made up of Chinese mythology base Swords of Legends Online.

MMORPG Swords of Legends Online is published by NetEase and developed by Shanghai Candle Dragon. The project is set in a fantasy world with sandbox elements. All elements of the genre are also included: PvP content with arenas and other things, PvE dungeons for passing in groups, professions, and more. In the game, the combat system is designed as a target, meaning that it requires highlighting the target and pressing a special key to apply the skill. Graphically, Swords of Legends Online is not inferior to any of its modern counterparts, and it is made to last.

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Swords of Legends Online news, reviews, and articles can all be found on this page. When should we wait for the next stage of testing? What is the game's biggest strength? Who is developing it? When will it be released? Find out here.

Here you can find out what's happening with Swords of Legends Online, when CBT and MBT will start, and when Swords of Legends Online will be released in Russia or around the world. Dates and current status are not displayed if they have not been announced, or if the game has already entered the release stage when it was added to the database. Free Download Swords of Legends Online Apk Android Mobile Version Full Game. Free Download Swords of Legends Online Apk Android Mobile Version.


The action MMORPG Swords of Legends Online is set in a breathtaking fantasy world with sophisticated combat mechanics and a unique storyline based on Chinese mythology. Explore the world with 6 different classes, engage in epic PvP battles, and take on challenging dungeons until you reach the fascinating endgame.


Explore a unique and exotic legend from Chinese Xianxia mythology and restore balance to the world of Shenzhou.


Take a ride through the heavens on your mount, taking in the splendors of mystical mountain temples, lush bamboo forests, and icy glaciers.


Experience gripping endgame content with epic PvP battles and tons of powerful class skills to master.


You can design your very own island home, letting your creativity run wild while decorating it to the very last detail.


With the action combat system, you can continually hone and improve your mystical skills in adrenaline-pumping encounters. You can dodge enemy attacks, combo your skills, and switch between action and tab-targeted combat as you please.

Six Classes

Depending on the needs of your mission, you can switch between two roles for each of the six available classes. Explore your class' unique heartlands on your adventures to unlock new questlines and enhance your character's skills.


Spellsword combines deadly swordplay and powerful magic to become a threatening prospect at any range. At the blink of an eye, he can switch between blades and destructive spells. Spellswords are trained for only one purpose - to deal damage to their enemies, wherever they may be.


Students of an ancient school, Reapers blur the lines between life and death. Their powerful scythes rake across the battlefield like a hurricane of darkness. Having peered behind the curtain into the unknown, Reapers can manipulate the energy of life itself, giving allies new abilities and healing fatal injuries. Due to their connection to the shadows, they can sneak up on their enemies unawares.


Summoners live in harmony with the natural world. Their vast knowledge of the natural world makes them powerful allies, for they summon natural sprites to aid them in unleashing ancient spells. Their magical healing abilities can often mean the difference between life and death. However, Summoners aren't limited to healing duties; if necessary, they can also deal serious damage in combat.


Bards possess a deep and profound understanding of music, knowing how to combine the magical notes of their instruments and unlock powerful spells. They use this magic to hit their foes from a distance or to heal their allies with powerful healing melodies. Bards are a welcome addition to any army. No matter what the situation, they always strike the right chord!


Berserkers feel most at home in the thick of the fighting. Using their massive swords, they strike fear into their enemies' hearts while simultaneously protecting their allies. Berserkers can summon a loyal wolf to assist them. They can either act as a bulwark in defending against enemy attacks, or unleash their power in a veritable whirlwind of destruction.


There is no escaping a Spearmaster's lightning fast blows. After years of hard training, they become formidable opponents on the battlefield. A stalwart ally, Spearmasters cut through the enemy ranks with deadly precision and steel discipline. Aside from their martial prowess on the field, they are also skilled engineers, capable of creating impressive machines.

Epic Story

Beautifully voiced cutscenes tell the story of Swords of Legends Online. This story tells of belligerent gods, an ancient war between peoples, and legendary swords wielded by acclaimed heroes of a bygone era, which now symbolize the quest for peace.


There was a time when the forces of the cosmos were in balance, and people lived in peace and harmony. When the gods abandoned the world, man was left to the chaos of light and dark. The people wanted to decide their own fates, and their heroes fought with mystical swords that contained souls. Since then, much time has passed, and such heroes are now a thing of the past. Without them, Shenzhou may be lost.


Enjoy a fast-paced and dynamic action combat system. Test your skills and chain together clever combos to defeat your opponents. You can easily switch between powerful and light attacks while enjoying the silky smooth animations.


There is a complex and extensive housing system in Swords of Legends Online. Build your dream home on your very own floating island and set the tone for your residence. Get your hands dirty in the garden or decorate it with all the fine trappings. You will find many options and furnishings available to you.


You can cover long distances on the back of your mount in Shenzhou. Visit your friends' islands in the heavens by choosing from a wide variety of fantastic beasts. Experience breathtaking landscapes as you soar through the skies, or dive onto unsuspecting enemies!

Housing System

Build a magnificent temple and garden on your very own floating island, and let it serve as your very own residence. The huge range of modifications available lets you create the landscape, and flying mounts will allow you to see your neighbors' islands.

Key Features

  • Visually stunning MMORPG
  • Six available classes, each with two different roles
  • Fast-paced action combat system
  • Exciting story-driven gameplay with voiced cutscenes
  • Tons of dungeons with different difficulty levels
  • Gripping endgame content and epic PvP battles
  • Huge selection of flying mounts
  • Extensive housing system

How To Download and Install Swords of Legends Online APK on Android

On this page, you can download the latest version of Swords of Legends Online APK and learn how to install it on Android. Do not download this app from scrapped websites that may damage your device or steal your data. Please download it from this website, the official website, or third-party stores.

Rather than presenting the same old method, we are going to show you a new one. Take a look at the steps below in order to download and install the app on your phone. If you are in this section then you have not previously used the app. Install the app on your Android-based smartphones or tablets by following the steps below.

1. Download

You cannot download it from the Google Play Store. Don't worry, we are here to help you in any way we can. Download Swords of Legends Online APK for Android here.

Click the “Swords of Legends Online APK” Download link given above and wait 8 sec and click “Download Swords of Legends Online APK” after click, Swords of Legends Online APK download automatic start.

2. Allow unknown sources

Go to Settings on your Android phone or tablet. Tap the "Apps & Notifications" option. Click "App Permissions" on your phone. Select "Install Unknown Apps" at this point. To access the Chrome option, click the icon or its name. Turn on "Allow from this source" and go back to the home screen of your phone.

3. Install the application

Once you finish the above steps then Open Browser and go to the Downloads section. The installation process can be started by tapping on the Swords of Legends Online APK file. If you don't see any restrictions on the screen, you can continue with the installation. When prompted, click "Install". Do not close the installation window as it may cancel it. It will take the Swords of Legends Online app between 30 seconds and 1 minute to install all required files on your android phone. Upon completion of the installation, you will see a final screen with the options "Done" and "Open". To get started, simply click "Open" to watch some exciting movies. You can also tap Done to return to your phone's main screen.

An overview of the advantages and disadvantages of Swords of Legends Online APK


  • It's super easy to use, even for beginners.
  • It has a lot of outstanding and useful features.
  • There are no limitations to using the app.
  • It is free to use.


  • It doesn't seem that Google always checks if you download games from third-party sources. As a result, it is harmful.
  • Your phone can be damaged or stolen Data if you download APK files that contain viruses.
  • It is possible that your games will not automatically update because they do not always have access to the Google Play Store.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs] of Swords of Legends Online APK

Q. How much does Swords of Legends Online App cost?

Ans. The application is free and users will not be charged a fee to use it on their phones or other devices.

Q. Can I update Swords of Legends Online on my Phone?

Ans. Automatic updates will be unavailable since Swords of Legends Online APK is developed by a third party. As a result, you must manually update the app by removing the old version and installing the new version.

Q. Does Still works Swords of Legends Online App?

Ans. The application is very active, but sometimes you may encounter server downtime errors, lags, and buffering issues. Your phone may also have other alternative apps if this doesn't work.

Q. Is Swords of Legends Online HD safe to use?

Ans. Our anti-virus software tools have detected no malware in this APK, so it is absolutely safe to use.

Q. How risky is it to use this app?

Ans. As of now, there are no legal complaints or issues. We will notify you if there is any risk associated with this application. Since most apps have legal issues, it's best to avoid them.

Final Thoughts

The following guide is all about Swords of Legends Online Apk, please read it and follow it step by step, you shouldn't have any problems downloading and installing it. Also, if you have any problems downloading and installing or if you have any other questions or concerns regarding the app. It is really fun to use the app because it has great features that make the app more powerful and enjoyable for millions of users. You can check out what is waiting for you in Swords of Legends Online with the app.

Using this app is completely safe, and you can use it anywhere and anytime. You are not required to register, and you can share it for free with everyone you know today!