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1.2.2 for Android
Updated On:
May 25, 2020
Required Android:
2.2 or later

In this exciting adventure puzzle game, you will go to the Count Dracula's castle, where you will free him from imprisonment and at the same time cast a terrible curse on yourself.

Which you can remove if you solve all the puzzles lurking in this castle.


In this game you have to go to the castle of Count Dracula, in which you will solve various ancient puzzles and puzzles to remove a terrible curse.

The graph will follow and observe you all the time, and he will also be able to comment on the events that will happen to you.

All the puzzles in this game will be combined into one plot, where after completing each level you can watch a small plot movie.

To solve some puzzles, you will have to use your mental abilities to think through your every move, and to solve others you need attentiveness and speed of reaction.

You are waiting for quite original puzzles, for example, in one of them you need to pour the liquid so that each container has the same amount of liquid.

Game Features

In this game you have to solve more than 100 interesting puzzles, which will be divided into 10 thematic categories.

You will be able to solve problems with fluid transfusion, play tag and many other fun mini-games with which you can practice your thinking, reflexes and attentiveness.

Collect all the cogs and open the hidden section of the book to find out the secret of this castle.

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