Download Trash and the Magic Pyramid Apk 2020

1.0.1 for Android
Updated On:
Jun 12, 2020
Required Android:
4.2 or later

Help cleanse the planet of trash, thanks to two brave and brave friends - trash cans.


In this game you will meet two heroes who want to save the planet from dirt and unnecessary things.

It will be difficult for them to cope with this problem, so they need you.

With the help of your rational thinking and speed of hands, you can correctly and quickly sort different types of unnecessary things, such as: paper, plastic, metal and glass.

From top to bottom, various debris will fall, and you, with the help of hand movements, need to properly throw it in tanks.

The longer you throw garbage correctly, the longer the level will last.

You can take the collected garbage to the waste recycling center and get funny stickers with characters based on the funny movie “Junk and the Magic Pyramid” for your collection.

Game Features

Thanks to this game, you will learn how to throw garbage into sorting tanks correctly, because it is very important for our planet.

You are expected by more than 60 levels of varying difficulty.

You can challenge the magic pyramid, while the short one will throw off the garbage, and you will have to sort it correctly and quickly.

Be brave and fast so that the game runs as long as possible. The more garbage you collect, the more you can get bright and funny stickers as a reward.

Become a garbage sorting professional and save the planet from pollution.

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