Download Hacked I Am Hero: AFK Tactical Teamfight Apk 2020

0.2.4 for Android
Updated On:
Jul 29, 2020
Required Android:
4.2 or later

Become a real captain of your squad, lead many different characters forward, and fight in a fascinating autobatler.


A funny and very unusual autobutter in which you will become a real hero.

The bottom line is quite simple, you have to put together a team that is able to defeat everyone in its path.

This game has incorporated several genres at once, here you have auto-chess, time-killer and many others.

Unlike auto-chess, here the whole game is not divided into game sessions, rather each battle is a separate round.

You also cannot combine heroes to raise the level, you will collect them, opening chests and improve for gold and experience.

With each level you pass, you can get more bonuses, and if you get stuck you will have to swing until you can master it.

Game Features

Collect dozens of different heroes, upgrade them as well as equipment that you can get, go through hundreds of levels and assemble the team of your dreams.

It will not be so easy to assemble a team here, because all the heroes have certain classes and races, which in the right combination give additional bonuses.

These bonuses are important if you want to break further, because the heroes of the enemy will also become stronger and more dangerous.

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Age Restrictions:
Cache Setting:
No Required
Online Mode:
There is

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