Download Симулятор Семьи Льва Онлайн Apk 2022

4.2 for Android
Updated On:
Nov 11, 2020
Required Android:
4.1 or later

About Взломанный Симулятор Семьи Льва Онлайн

A fascinating simulator in which you had the chance to become a real king of animals.

You have to explore different locations where you can hunt different wild animals, as well as raise the level of your hero so that he becomes stronger.


In this game you will plunge into the world of wildlife and will play for a beautiful lion, who will freely move around a large open world.

You will hunt various wild animals such as hippos, elephants, giraffes, zebras, hyenas and many others to feed yourself.

Hunting animals, you can use cool combo hits.

This will allow you to defeat them.

But at the beginning of the game you have to be careful because your lion will be weak enough and even a hyena will be able to cope with you.

You have to go through various tasks, for the implementation of which you will receive experience and game currency.

For increasing each level you will receive skill points.

You can use them to increase the health, stamina, and strength of your character.

For game currency, you can grow yourself a cute little dragon, who will always follow you.

You can also build your own lair, where you can relax, and in your lair you can place up to 20 different objects.

Game Features

In this exciting game you will become a real lion, which you will travel to colorful locations such as: savannah, forest, tropical island and others.

Find your soulmate and create your own family to grow cute lion cubs.

You will take care of them, feed them and cure them of illnesses.

The game has a multiplayer mode that allows you to travel through the wild with your friends.

You can hunt animals together, and also communicate with them using the built-in chat.

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No Required
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There is

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