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1.12.1 for Android
Updated On:
Oct 15, 2020
Required Android:
4.2 or later

About Взломанная Epic Odyssey

Become a real hero, because the darkness that almost destroyed all races many years ago returned to the continent, and this time she subjugated people.


The war will never end, and in this story it flared up again with renewed vigor.

Once upon a time, elves, gnomes, orcs, and humans fought against darkness and defeated it, enclosing it in another dimension.

However, the years passed, and people blinded by their greed tried to master the power of darkness, but instead the darkness itself took possession of them.

You lived peacefully in your village of elves when suddenly people attacked you under the guidance of demons, as well as real demonic creatures that were able to use magic.

The time has come to take up arms again and free the continent from demons once and for all.

Game Features

Unusual gameplay allows you to travel independently on the continent and explore hundreds of locations, while you can stop wherever you want.

Your heroes will earn experience and gold even when you are not in the game, however, having accumulated a certain amount, you must go in and get it.

And although this is an RPG game, it’s also a strategy in which you will collect hero cards.

Strengthen your characters by raising the level, discover new abilities and put on equipment.

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