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4.30 for Android
Updated On:
May 28, 2021
Required Android:
5.0 or later

About Взломанная Faily Tumbler

Manage the flight of a real primitive man, of course it's hard to call a flight, because you will beat on the ground and bounce off of it.


Our valiant warrior was hungry, and now he noticed dinosaur eggs straight on the top of the mountain, of course he climbed after them, but here he failed.

The volcano on which these same eggs were located suddenly became active and now our hero needs to roll head over heels if he wants to survive.

Rolling down will not be as easy as it seems, because there will be a whole bunch of obstacles on your way, and in addition to this, the road is as crooked as possible and there are also a lot of stones, bushes and other things.

Yes, and you can’t slow down, because otherwise you will catch up with the lava flow that escaped from the mouth of the volcano.

Game Features

Funny regdolnoy physics will allow you to control the character as you like, the ability to compete with other players online, as well as prevent them from wresting leadership.

This is not just a game, it is a real battle for survival, because those who fall behind can die.

Create your own native, earn gold by collecting dinosaur eggs and also change the appearance of the hero by buying new costumes.

Improve various bonuses, use a hang glider and much more.

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Age Restrictions:
Cache Setting:
No Required
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