Download Улитка Боб 3 Apk 2022

1.0.13 for Android
Updated On:
Jun 10, 2021
Required Android:
4.4 or later

About Взломанный Улитка Боб 3

Adventure arcade game in which you will go along with cute snail Bob on a fascinating journey through various locations in search of treasure and fun.


In this game, you, along with old Bob, will go on a journey in search of treasures that will be hidden at each level.

Your hero will move automatically, and you will only need to choose a direction and make jumps in time, open doors, switch levers to put out the fire and much more.

Also, you will have to avoid various enemies and do everything so that old Bob does not fall into the abyss and gets whole to the end of each level.

In addition, you can find various nice bonuses such as: stars, weapons and shells.

With the help of weapons you can shoot at enemies standing in your way.

And when you find various shells, they will give your hero certain abilities that will help you successfully complete the level.

For the completed level you will earn game currency, which you can spend on the purchase of new colorful outfits for your character.

Game Features

In this game you have to go through more than 20 exciting levels, where on your way you will meet many different unexpected traps and super enemies that you will have to overcome.

You can dress your hero in a large number of funny outfits.

You can wear the costume of Spider-Man, Batman, Captain America and others.

Also now, your hero, thanks to special shells, will be able to accelerate, jump and even shoot at his enemies.

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No Required
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