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2022.1.31 for Android
Updated On:
May 13, 2021
Required Android:
2.3 or later

About Stick War: Legacy MOD APK latest version

In Stick War: Legacy, players will develop a country and defend it from approaching enemies. In this game, you will choose a strategy to establish your kingdom, gain many resources, and attack your enemy. However, the diversity in military types also creates specific options. You will need to pass many other matches and accumulate a certain amount of resources.

After downloading Stick War: Legacy, the player will play for a huge stickman, commanding an army of small associates, which will be created and improved.

The main task is to capture all territories.


In Stick War: Legacy, you cannot ignore unlocking skins for your troops if you are bored with their looks. When you open the Undead skin, you will notice a noticeable difference in the soldiers' appearance. They will appear in front of your eyes, utterly impressed and eager to take part in the battle. With the newly added skins, your army will also become more combative and stronger.

You can't ignore some adjustments in the Endless Deads mode of this game in addition to unlocking new skins. With three different game modes, you can easily choose the difficulty that suits you. It is also completely understandable how this mode works since you are controlling your army to fight the legions of zombies constantly moving towards you. The number of them is quite overwhelming, so you will need to prepare enough strength and support items to deal with them.


With Stick War: Legacy, players will have access to a mine full of resources and a statue that needs to be protected. To begin with, you will need to control a gold digger and move it to the gold resource area. During this time, you will control his actions from moving to mining ore. As soon as mining reaches a sufficient level, the miner will switch to automatic mining, and you can start controlling your army.

As you can see on the right side of the screen, there are instructions to withdraw troops and protect orders to control the character. This is because the number of characters will later increase and respond to the situation if the enemy attacks. A certain number of troops will also need to be prepared to attack the enemy on the other side. The enemy zones are similar to yours, and destroying their statues will unlock impressive rewards.


The goal of Stick War: Legacy is for players to become stronger by unlocking various types of troops. A close-range soldier, an archer, or even a giant with impressive strength can be one of them. However, they all come at a price, and you will need to prepare resources to build an army. There are several ways to increase the efficiency of gold mining and the strength of your army from there.

Both items and army upgrades can be used to take advantage of them. The upgrade section shows you what troops and elements are available in your area. Thus, you can increase the strength of your army, generate more gold, and choose and prioritize a variety of other factors. Additionally, you can buy items to buff your troops, such as increasing production speed or speeding up recovery to defeat enemies, but these items will have a limit.


In Stick War: Legacy there are not only stickman warriors, but also miners.

The latter are necessary for the extraction of resources, which together with gold will go to the construction of necessary buildings, the purchase of troops and the needs of the army.

There are also many natives in the game whom we do not attack, but they regularly attack our camp.

Of particular note are the various quests that make the game more diverse.

As an example, you can specify the task of holding the defense until sunset or attack the settlement first, or destroy the main statue of the enemy, etc.

Features of the gameplay dictated the presence of the necessary function keys.

We have buttons to protect, shelter, attack, speed up the process.


There are three difficulty levels in the game:

  • Normal;
  • Complex;
  • Crazy.

Regardless of the selected difficulty level (AI abilities), Stick War: Legacy gameplay will remain unchanged.

It is necessary to carry out tasks, controlling the available army.

The higher the level of difficulty, the fewer stickers available and the more difficult it is to earn game currency to improve them.

Speaking of improvements.

Originally armed with sticks, our warriors can pick up swords, spears, arrows and become highly specialized, but more powerful soldiers.

Next, you can download the regular version of Stick War: Legacy (Stick Var: Legacy) on Android, as well as hacked for money and crystals for free!

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Age Restrictions:
12+ (Violence)
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No Required