Download Bad Bridge Apk 2022

1.16 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 09, 2021
Required Android:
4.1 or later

About Взломанный Bad Bridge

This game is about bridges, or rather, about how to build them correctly, based on the needs of ships and cars, as well as on real physics.


If you like to create, then this game will definitely be able to please you, you will become a real designer of bridges and will create the most incredible and unusual structures.

The complexity of this game lies in the fact that the bridge must not only fit according to needs, but also withstand all the vehicles that travel on it.

If the bridge is not built correctly, then it will simply fall apart or a ship should sail under it, and you forgot to make it extendable.

Funny game mechanics will allow you to see the whole picture, as well as find out what exactly this bridge needs, based on the task.

Game Features

A whole bunch of different tools that allow you to quickly manage all aspects of the construction of the bridge.

Realistic physics, with which everything will fall apart very funny and for real.

Many levels, each of which is more difficult than the previous one.

Great graphics, as well as relaxing music, do it leisurely and with soul.

After all the levels are completed, you can create in sandbox mode, creating very complex designs and testing them with the help of many cars.

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Age Restrictions:
Cache Setting:
No Required
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