Download Hacked Spiral Roll Apk 2020

1.9 for Android
Updated On:
Jun 12, 2020
Required Android:
4.4 or later

A very unusual arcade game in which you will process a tree and use it to destroy obstacles and collect coins.


Scrape the gutters in the tree so that the chips come out of the tree and the larger the chips, the more game volatility you get.

The whole game is tied to the usual reaction, as well as to the attentiveness of the player, because during the course of the level you will have many obstacles, and this very chip can fly off from them.

It is very important that your chisel does not come across metal obstacles, because it will break because of this.

Go through level after level and collect coins if you want to improve your chisel, because the higher its level, the faster it can remove a tree, and also the more points you get.

Game Features

As simple and fun as possible, this game will allow you to challenge your skills and reactions.

Go level by level, earning coins and setting records, share your records with friends and challenge them in a battle on the chisels.

And although this game requires certain skills and dexterity, it can easily be attributed to the time killer genre, because you can not only relax, but also pass the time well.

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No Required
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