Download Hacked The Catapult 2 Apk 2020

3.0.1 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 24, 2020
Required Android:
4.1 or later

Continuation of an interesting game in which you will help the stickman to protect the fortress from attack by enemies.


You will shoot, naturally, from a catapult.

And try to shoot as accurately as possible, raining down huge blocks of stones at the enemies to defeat their siege mechanisms and defend your tower.

You’ll figure it out very quickly even if you haven’t played the first part

>, since it is as simple as possible.

Touch the screen of your mobile device immediately, and afterwards slightly slide your finger to the side to aim and set the power of the throw.

All that remains is to let go of your finger in order to set stones at the strength of the enemy.

For each enemy you hit, you will receive a certain amount of money as a reward.

Earned funds can be spent on new catapult shells - dynamite, bombs and much more.

This is how you will go through multiple levels, which will become more and more difficult.

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