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juin 28, 2020
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About Взломанная Dark Zone (Темная Зона)

An exciting shooter in which you will visit as a real stalker and go explore the territory of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant to find out what kind of experiment the scientists conducted and where they disappeared.


The plot of the game takes place several years after the terrible catastrophe at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

After a group of scientists at the station decided to conduct a secret experiment, which led to a repetition of the terrible tragedy.

Now you have to help the main character find out what happened there during the excrement and where the scientists and military who worked on it disappeared.

To do this, you have to explore the entire territory of the station to find out about the events that happened there, and also to find out all the secrets that are hidden in this place.

You have to complete many interesting tasks in which you will have to survive or find a way to get to a certain territory.

On your journey you will find various notes and important documents that will allow you to find answers to your questions.

Also on your way you will meet various enemies that will try to stop you and they will appear from the thick fog that has flooded the whole city of Pripyat.

To destroy them, you can use a variety of firearms ranging from pistols, machine guns and rifles and much more.

Game Features

In this game you will be able to play the role of a real stalker who has to explore an abandoned nuclear power plant after the tragedies that happened at it.

Here you can immerse yourself in a post-apocalyptic atmosphere, thanks to the excellent graphics and chic sound.

On your way you will meet many enemies who will do everything so that you do not find out the truth, what happened during excrement.

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