डाउनलोड Survival Hunger Games Apk 2021

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जून 04, 2021
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About Survival Hunger Games

You have to start a real survival game, a victory in which will allow you to live, but be careful because only one will survive.


The hunger games were initially the only mode in Blockman Go, but they gained so much popularity in this game that the developers decided to take it out as a separate game and install separate servers.

As a separate game, it has not undergone major changes and still remains the same.

The gameplay itself is divided into rounds, in each of which you will appear on special platforms, next to other players, as soon as the start sounds, you can jump from the platform and go to look for chests.

You cannot beat an opponent at the very beginning, but after a short period of time, all the fun will begin.

Try to stay the last survivor and defeat your opponents.

Game Features

Become a real warrior on the battlefield, only this time you will fight not for the great goal, but for the sake of simple survival.

Become one of the participants in the hunger games and start the battle without anything.

During the game you will be able to run and open the chests and taking various equipment from them.

The last survivor will receive a special reward for which he can change the appearance of his character and much more.

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