डाउनलोड हैक Cartoon Wars Apk 2021

1.1.7 एंड्रॉयड के लिए
संशोधित किया गया:
अगस्त 06, 2020
आवश्यक एंड्रॉइड:
2.3 या बाद में

Pump up the heroes, upgrade the tower, hire and train the army, because you have to destroy not a single enemy, but an entire army.

The game will appreciate the nice graphics and addictive gameplay.


This part of the game will delight you with new modes, new characters and new types of defense with fully saved gameplay.

The job cannot be called good or bad.

In the absence of any significant innovations, the game, meanwhile, is able to diversify the everyday life of fans of the genre and fans of strategy.


Throughout the game you have to collect your own army, improve your base, repel the enemy’s attacks and attack yourself.

At the very beginning, only knights with a sword and shield, as well as spearmen, will be available to you.

They are quite enough for the systematic destruction of the enemy at the initial levels.

However, you will soon need replenishment, and new, more powerful guns will need to be installed on the tower.

The battles in the game take place in the wall-to-wall format.

On the left side of the screen is your army and a tower with an archer at the top, and the enemy is advancing on the right.

At the bottom of the screen there are blocks in which the icons of your fighters are displayed.

By clicking on them, you can coordinate the actions of each group of troops.

After the destruction of the enemy infantry itself, users have to destroy the tower.

After the next battle, you can go to the main menu, where various improvements, new characters, weapons, and so on will be available for game currency.

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Immerse yourself in the world of classic strategy!

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12+ (हिंसा)
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