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About Pocket FM MOD APK v5.1.6 (VIP Unlocked)

An excellent suggestion for you to check out is Pocket FM - Stories, Audio Books & Podcasts if you're looking for an exciting and useful radio show. The app will provide you with the best Hindi radio shows, stories, kahaniyas, and podcasts as well as many other genres. Check out the Pocket FM app for yourself!

Do you enjoy listening to audiobooks? Then Pocket FM MOD APK is the right app for you. It comes with all VIP features unlocked for free. A great app for stories, audio books, podcasts, FM radio, and live radio shows. Please let us know what you think of our APK in the comment section below and share our website with your friends and family so they can also enjoy free apps. Now let's dive into the details of the app.

What is Pocket FM?

From all over India, Pocket FM brings you the best Hindi radio shows, hindi audiobooks, Hindi FM radio channels, stories or kahaniya, and podcasts from the best RJs and voice-over artists. Always have a book handy, whether you're on your way to work, on your break, or in bed. This app offers millions of stories, novels, poems, and audiobooks in English and Indian languages for book lovers. It combines classic old-age literature with new-age literature. New writers make you feel young and restless, while old writers inspire you to write.

What are the benefits of using Pocket FM MOD APK?

You can find all the Indian books you would expect in a book library on Pocket FM. No need to go to the book library anymore when you can enjoy all the stories from the comfort of your home. You can listen to them wherever and whenever you want. Just grab your headphones and enjoy. Stories and shows on our website range from thrillers, crime to comedy, health and education to romance. They cater to a wide range of interests. There is no end to the entertainment.

Do you have trouble sleeping at night? You can also listen to relaxing music on Pocket FM to help you sleep better at night. Research has been done into what helps us sleep better so that the relaxing music can be made. You can attain peace while listening to PocketFM's meditation music. You will gain control over your life while listening to this music.

Podcasts, Audio Books, and Stories on Pocket FM

Featuring the best voiceover talent from RJ and India, this is a radio app produced in India. Several categories in the application allow users to choose according to their preferences, including romantic love, horror, spirituality, health, religion, business investment, and life. With this application, players will receive a lot of knowledge and meaningful stories about life. In addition, Pocket FM has many Indian books, even the newest and best-selling books today. Direct access to the free application does not require you to visit a library or bookstore.


Isn't it great that this application contains all the famous and popular Indian audiobooks? You can listen to them anywhere, anytime. You can also find a lot of entertainment here as well as good sources of knowledge. This application is a vast knowledge base that allows you to gain a better understanding and knowledge. Pocket FM also allows you to share insights and good stories with friends and family.

There are a variety of languages that can be heard on Radio Pocket FM, including Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali,... and more. Additionally, you can listen to many different genres, such as live FM radio, online FM radio, etc. Therefore, you will be able to listen to this application anytime, anywhere.

Music for Relaxation

Furthermore, Pocket FM helps you relax effectively and sleep better every night. In the application, you will find relaxing music that will make you feel more comfortable and pleasant. There are many different genres in the application, so it can satisfy the user's different tastes in music, particularly when it comes to the meditation music application, giving you peace of mind and relaxation. As a result, the Pocket FM application will help you adjust the pace of life through passionate music.

The English language course

Do you feel insecure about your English language skills? Pocket FM will be a great tool for improving your English! Moreover, this app has a good rating for its English course. You can speak English fluently in just a few short weeks by improving your English speaking ability. Don't miss out on the free quality English courses on Pocket FM!

Listening to podcasts

Listening to and creating podcasts is another great feature of Pocket FM. This podcast consists of diverse topics, including love, daily life, confided in, etc. Several Indian podcasts are available on the app and have received positive feedback from users. Also, you can share your own recordings with everyone; who knows, maybe others will benefit from your sharing. At the same time, podcasts help people get to know you better, and you can give them feedback on their podcasts.

Kahaniya or Stories

Kahaniya or popular stories can also be found on the app. If you download these stories or Kahaniya, you can watch them offline once they are downloaded. I have also included some exciting and interesting stories like Vikram Betal, Akbar Birbal,... and other famous stories. The Hindi or Kahaniya stories are narrated by RJ, giving users a unique and exciting experience. With a massive collection of more than 12000 stories and updated continuously, you can enjoy and feel the Pocket FM stories comfortably in different languages.

Pocket FM is an application that explores the realm of sound to bring many benefits to its users. The diversity in fields, stories, songs, … will help you both have diverse knowledge and have moments of relaxation. If you are curious about the experience of the application, join this exciting Pocket FM game now!

How To Download and Install Pocket FM MOD APK on Android

On this page, you can download the latest version of Pocket FM MOD APK and learn how to install it on Android. Do not download this app from scrapped websites that may damage your device or steal your data. Please download it from this website, the official website, or third-party stores.

Rather than presenting the same old method, we are going to show you a new one. Take a look at the steps below in order to download and install the app on your phone. If you are in this section then you have not previously used the app. Install the app on your Android-based smartphones or tablets by following the steps below.

1. Download

You cannot download it from the Google Play Store. Don't worry, we are here to help you in any way we can. Download Pocket FM MOD APK for Android here.

Click the “Pocket FM MOD APK” Download link given above and wait 8 sec and click “Download Pocket FM MOD APK” after click, Pocket FM MOD APK download automatic start.

2. Allow unknown sources

Go to Settings on your Android phone or tablet. Tap the "Apps & Notifications" option. Click "App Permissions" on your phone. Select "Install Unknown Apps" at this point. To access the Chrome option, click the icon or its name. Turn on "Allow from this source" and go back to the home screen of your phone.

3. Install the application

Once you finish the above steps then Open Browser and go to the Downloads section. The installation process can be started by tapping on the Pocket FM MOD APK file. If you don't see any restrictions on the screen, you can continue with the installation. When prompted, click "Install". Do not close the installation window as it may cancel it. It will take the Pocket FM MOD app between 30 seconds and 1 minute to install all required files on your android phone. Upon completion of the installation, you will see a final screen with the options "Done" and "Open". To get started, simply click "Open" to watch some exciting movies. You can also tap Done to return to your phone's main screen.

An overview of the advantages and disadvantages of Pocket FM MOD APK


  • It's super easy to use, even for beginners.
  • It has a lot of outstanding and useful features.
  • There are no limitations to using the app.
  • It is free to use.


  • It doesn't seem that Google always checks if you download games from third-party sources. As a result, it is harmful.
  • Your phone can be damaged or stolen Data if you download APK files that contain viruses.
  • It is possible that your games will not automatically update because they do not always have access to the Google Play Store.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs] of Pocket FM MOD APK

Q. How much does Pocket FM MOD App cost?

Ans. The application is free and users will not be charged a fee to use it on their phones or other devices.

Q. Can I update Pocket FM MOD on my Phone?

Ans. Automatic updates will be unavailable since Pocket FM MOD APK is developed by a third party. As a result, you must manually update the app by removing the old version and installing the new version.

Q. Does Still works Pocket FM MOD App?

Ans. The application is very active, but sometimes you may encounter server downtime errors, lags, and buffering issues. Your phone may also have other alternative apps if this doesn't work.

Q. Is Pocket FM MOD HD safe to use?

Ans. Our anti-virus software tools have detected no malware in this APK, so it is absolutely safe to use.

Q. How risky is it to use this app?

Ans. As of now, there are no legal complaints or issues. We will notify you if there is any risk associated with this application. Since most apps have legal issues, it's best to avoid them.

Final Thoughts

The following guide is all about Pocket FM MOD Apk, please read it and follow it step by step, you shouldn't have any problems downloading and installing it. Also, if you have any problems downloading and installing or if you have any other questions or concerns regarding the app. It is really fun to use the app because it has great features that make the app more powerful and enjoyable for millions of users. You can check out what is waiting for you in Pocket FM MOD with the app.

Using this app is completely safe, and you can use it anywhere and anytime. You are not required to register, and you can share it for free with everyone you know today!