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1.4.2 Android 용
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10 24, 2019
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4.0 이상

About The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth APK latest version

Here is an isometric arcade game with RPG elements from Nicalis. This game is not for the faint of heart, because in it you will have to help the child overcome the most terrible nightmares.

The plot and action in the game

As mentioned earlier, the main character of this story is a baby named Isaac.

In his calm life, everything was fine smoothly until his mother became interested in religious television programs.

Having delved too much into this controversial topic, she decides that her child is defiled and that he must be immediately cleansed of sins.

Obeying the voices in her head, a woman takes away from Isaac all toys, personal items, and even clothes, and locks him in an empty room.

But this mysterious "voice from heaven" seemed not enough, because he demanded to sacrifice the child.

Only in this way a crazy woman will be able to prove allegiance to her no less crazy god.

Isaac, who saw through the crack in the door that his mother had returned from the kitchen with a cutting knife, was escaping from the room through a hatch in the floor.

Key Benefits

  • Unusual gameplay with more than 500 hours.
  • Some interesting endings.
  • A huge number of different tests and tasks.
  • Over a hundred characters to choose from.
  • Having a leaderboard.
  • Various achievements.
  • Quality graphics.
  • Convenient management.
  • Regular updates.

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