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1.0.1 voor Android
Bijgewerkt op:
jun 29, 2020
Vereist Android:
4.4 of later

About Blacksmith Shop Manager

Become a real blacksmith, or rather the leader of your forge, manage personnel, hire new workers and make a profit.


It's time to open your own forge, creating it from scratch.

Your private business will begin with the creation of the most ordinary swords, during the game you will be able to open more weapons, as well as hire new workers.

The game itself is quite simple, and does not even require time, because your employees create weapons even when you are not online.

However, to get all your goods, you have to go into the game.

The economic component is also very important here, because all your goods still need to be sold, and there may be no demand for them.

Explore the market as well as the needs of travelers, dig new mines to mine ore, process ore and create equipment.

At first glance, the game is very simple, but it will be difficult to master it.

Game Features

If you’re tired of the simulators of modern games where you need to earn money, here’s a great example of a business simulator in a magical world where heroes roam everywhere and there is also magic.

Create your own forge and sell equipment to heroes, hire workers and pay them wages.

In addition, you have to independently search and explore mines, as well as monitor market prices to sell more profitably.

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