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1.11.3 voor Android
Bijgewerkt op:
jun 30, 2020
Vereist Android:
4.4 of later

About Cosmic Showdown

Fascinating real-time space battles, in which you will need not only strategic thinking, but also quick action, because you need to shoot yourself.


This game will take you into space, where you will have to crush the enemy, or rather his ship, before he destroys you.

You are waiting for incredible battles in real time.

The whole battle here takes place with the help of special guns, they shoot various types of weapons, depending on the type.

There are also defensive guns, they are able to repel these same shells.

You need to shoot the guns yourself, like a slingshot, you pull it back and release the projectile along a given path.

There are also automatic guns that fire themselves.

Remember that you can build your guns only within your territory, and it can be expanded with special drones.

Game Features

Challenge the best space conquerors, use your entire arsenal to destroy the enemy, select your deck of cards, each of which will have unique weapons.

Improve and upgrade your cannons, with the help of the very cards, and you can get them from the chests.

Fight in various arenas and earn rating points, and with them you can open more weapons.

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