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mei 26, 2021
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About My Singing Monsters APK latest version

There is a battle mode in most monster games, similar to those in Take the Fight. Additionally, these types of games are most familiar to all gamers. The publisher Big Blue Bubble has released a wonderful and unique game called My Singing Monsters MOD APK. This is a fantastic and worthy game. Initially, the publisher released the game for both Android and iOS devices. This product proves the developer's hard work, although the publisher is unfamiliar with creating fantastic games. The game developer added the funniest things to the game with excellent creativity.

Every player should understand the game concept before introducing My Singing Monsters MOD APK. As soon as I started reading the article, I was told that this was not a battle or fighting game. The game has a unique concept and different sounds. It is common for your monster to be trained to attack the enemies in every monster game. However, in this game, your monster must be trained to sing. Monsters aren't fond of fighting in the game. With your help, these dragons love to sing. Despite their ugly looks and faces, all available monsters explore in a cute manner. There are different vocals and sounds for each monster. As a result, your island will be a unique musical island.

Organize enchanting concerts with your singing monsters in the game My Singing Monsters.

Gameplay Features

This game will take you to a fantastic island.

As it turned out, very unusual creatures inhabit it.

These are monsters who have outstanding musical talent.

At your service more than thirty creatures that cannot live a day without contagious singing.

While some monsters sing, others accompany them on various musical instruments.

However, in order for the familiar life of musical creatures to flow in a familiar way, you must take care of them in every way.

A particularly interesting element of the gameplay is the ability to breed new types of monsters.

The eggs of these creatures are kept in a special nursery.

After a short time, new musical monsters appear, which also need your care.

The smallest creatures occupy only one cell on the playing field, while large and rare creatures can occupy all ten.

All pets generate a certain amount of gold coins.

Key Benefits

Since this is a music simulator, its main advantage is the original musical accompaniment.

Each monster has a unique voice that can be used to create a common melody of the island.

All creatures sing fantastically beautifully, and their efforts are unlikely to leave anyone indifferent.

Here you can also download the hacked game My Singing Monsters with hacking for money and diamonds.

Monster collecting

There are more than 100 different monsters in My Singing Monsters MOD APK currently, each singing a different song. You will arrive on the island at the beginning of the game. There are no more monsters on the island. A cute ugly-faced monster provided the basis for development in the beginning. To develop the monster quantity, you had to feed the first monster. Create new monsters by merging the new breeds, and every monster has a singing ability. Increase the level of all monsters by feeding them. The singing level has also been increased after the monster level was raised.

Following the instructions in My Singing Monsters MOD APK will make it easy for you to understand the gameplay. Breeding new monsters, feeding them, and hearing their songs are the main objectives of the game. As soon as the new breeder is installed, monsters will begin singing. Finally, your peaceful island will become a singing island. The best musicians are those who sing well. There are many types of monsters that sing well. When the player sees a new option or new task, the game will guide them. You will be able to cross the next level with the help of that guide.

The first step is to purchase your first new monster from the integrated game shop. Initially, you will only have a small amount of money in My Singing Monsters MOD APK. After buying the dragon, the game will begin. Create new breeds by merging the two dragons. The arrival of new breeds only makes the game more enjoyable. The release of a new breed can result in the creation of multiple new species. It is necessary to provide a home for new species of dragons when you begin breeding them. No worries, it will be easy to adjust to their home.

The monsters on My Singing Monsters MOD APK will create songs using drums or flues. By using the available tools, you will be able to create unique songs on the island. You will be significantly happier with each new species song that you enter. As soon as the monsters start singing, the fun will begin. Your island monster will start singing when it starts to motivate you. Your motivation will drive you to create more cue ugly monsters. As your monsters become overcrowded, the sound also becomes louder. Hearing sounds will make it significantly more fun.

Hybridize new species

There are hundreds of different monsters in My Singing Monsters MOD APK. Create a hybrid breed by joining the two monsters. There will be a breed type for every combination of monsters. New songs with different sounds will be sung by those types. The game features new breed sounds that you will enjoy. To increase the singing level, collect all the monsters to upgrade their level. Monsters of all breeds also have a beautiful sound to hear in the game. Get a new adventure feeling by staying on islands of different styles.

Decorate and grow

In My Singing Monsters MOD APK, players can customize their island. Through breeding, the monsters increase the size of the island. In order to keep the monsters on the island, more space is required as they grow. Decorate it with the new islands. There are many customizing objects available for customization. Each player can customize the island according to their preferences. Moreover, each new customizing object requires a specific amount to purchase. Buy new decorating items with the money. Create an island that is unique to you. Flowers and trees are commonly used in decorating items.

Explore the world

A lot of new islands are available for stay monsters in My Singing Monsters MOD APK. For more monsters, you will need to buy a new island when the current island is full. Therefore, the game developer provides many lands, and every island can be customized. Add decoration items to all islands. Additionally, decoration tools are based on each new island. Various weather systems are present on colorful islands. It is a pleasure to look at the islands that will be part of the upcoming levels. Discover the new world of monsters.


With My Singing Monsters MOD APK, there are no backwords. The developer optimized the graphics well. It's a pleasure to watch animations. The graphics of the monsters are very eye-catching and cute. The graphics and animations of the game are easier to inspire for the majority of new players. The characters of monsters are animated in 2D cartoon style. The game will look excellent with creative ideas.

An audible sound

The game's central concept is sound in My Singing Monsters MOD APK. After the monsters are born, every new breed will love to sing songs because the monsters will start singing after their birth. It will also want to become a musician on the island. The monsters will make a peaceful island sound after singing the song. There has been an increase in the singing level of the song when monsters crowd. In the game, there are many islands to choose from. Monsters can be added to multiple lands at the same time.

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