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2.2 voor Android
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sep 16, 2019
Vereist Android:
2.3 of later

About Взломанный Modern Sniper

Shooter is a dynamic shooting gallery.

Users will have to change locations from time to time and skilfully hide behind obstacles, but the bulk of the gameplay will take place with the appearance of a crosshair.


The gameplay is first-person view.

Therefore, the graphics in the game are two-dimensional, but with a three-dimensional implementation.

Good detailing and elaboration of details will allow you to enjoy the implementation of simple and not very missions, as well as from time to time - killing bosses.

Successfully completed missions are rewarded with money that can be spent on replenishing ammunition, buying new weapons or improving existing ones.


Management in the game is implemented in an interesting way.

There is no virtual joystick for no need, but there are many active keys that can and should be used.

In the lower left corner are the keys for using the first-aid kit (enemies also shoot at us), changing the position (standing / sitting / lying), and also the breath-holding key, which minimizes the deviation of the bullet trajectory from the intended one.

In the lower right corner is the "Fire" button in the form of a cartridge, and the store also displays the amount of remaining ammunition.

Above is a slider that allows you to adjust the degree of approximation.

Also on the screen fit the status bar of armor, health, type and quantity of weapons used, as well as additional accessories (such as a silencer).

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